About Us


'Our Team Experience Is Our Strength'

We have the capability and expertise to provide you with landscape design, construction and maintenance solutions.

In supplying a complete and comprehensive landscaping solution, we enable our clients the ease and comfort of knowing that everything is taken care of, from the start of the project to completion.

HSA employs a range of qualified and general personnel, each bringing a unique set of skills to the organisation. Our management staff have extensive industry backgrounds, ranging from landscape design through to landscape project management.

We encourage input from all staff in the field in building a personal relationship between you and HSA. We regard this as a very important aspect of our business.

Our staff are there to help manage and co-ordinate the landscape services for your property and assist you as the client wherever possible.

HSA are also fully insured & OH&S compliant to carry out landscape works for residential, commercial, industrial and acreage properties.

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